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We are launching a worldwide audition for people who follow their dreams. Our summer festival is on the 8th of August and Winter celebrations for a Concert in the Clouds for remembrance of moments 21st of Dec 

What is your happiness playlist for life? We intend to inspire the greatest day of sharing what intrinsically makes you happy.


We ask you to donate a talent and also create a happiness playlist to send to people in an uplifting celebration of life while giving to causes that matter most in light of 2020. 


EarthCast.TV is a new channel for the lives we live today on the move or in lockdown. Embracing the new ways to share and delight in these intense times of sadness and conflict. 


We are creating events online for exceptionally interactive audiences to enjoy as a large group or an intimate setting like a round table. 


Make new friends from all over the world. Go on new adventures from the comfort of your armchair or sofa. Surrender to the magical experiences in many forms for you to feel free and inspired.


Give to the charities that most need it this year picked by the performers throughout the 24 hours. 


We hope to give stages to other festivals who still want a chance to shine this year! 

Please send us a link to your Donation on Youtube, Facebook or wherever you are performing. 




A place for you to feel safe from the arrows of life. Share your creative soul or just a mysterious moment with us.

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